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The New Normal

Half of all children today have a chronic health issue; it’s an epidemic that makes parents feel powerless. I know this first-hand. If you’re familiar with my story, you know my personal struggle with these issues inspired years of study in holistic health and wellness. My knowledge now guides other parents on how to overcome illness and restore their children’s health.

Resources and answers.

My passion is empowering you with access to the best resources and answers is my passion. My online market offers specially selected products to meet the dietary and health needs of both those with chronic health issues those who are healthy and care about staying that way. My consulting practice enables me to work with clients on a more personal level.

Well Amy is the only online store where you can select multiple dietary needs before you shop. Choose the specific types of foods you want, or ingredients you need to avoid - and Well Amy will display only products that match your preferences. It’s a customized shopping tool that eases the burden of reading food labels to help save you time. And, you have my personal guarantee that products are evaluated for taste, quality, nutritional value and environmental impact.

I offer one-on-one consulting services for parents of children with unresolved health issues. My unique non-invasive approach enables me to work remotely with clients and prepare individualized health recovery plans for each child. Depending on the child’s test results, the plan may include dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, herbal or homeopathic remedies, detoxification, or essential oils.

Imagine finding someone who understands the toll chronic health issues take on the whole family. Who can offer life-changing tools and guidance. Who can be your partner in creating an easier, healthier and happier future. Welcome to Well Amy.

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