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GF/CF/SF Diet Starter Kit - TACA

Price $49.99

GF/CF/SF Diet Starter Kit - TACA

This GFCFSF DIet Starter Kit has been carefully selected to include items that are free of gluten (the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale), casein (the protein found in milk), and soy.

Following a GFCFSF Diet has shown to benefit individuals with autism and other digestive or neurological issues. This Starter Kit includes food and health products that are gluten-free, casein-free and soy-free as well as educational information on how to successfully implement a GFCFSF Diet.

Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat, barley, rye and some commercially available oats. Casein is a protein commonly found in milk products such as milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Soy, which is commonly used as an emulsifier in processed foods, has a similar molecular structure as gluten and casein.

This Starter Kit includes an assortment of 15 food items: 3 baking mixes, 5 healthy snacks, 1 breakfast item, 3 meal ideas, 2 treats & 1 dairy-free milk alternative.

This Starter Kit also includes educational materials to help successfully implement a GFCFSF Diet as well as samples of digestive enzymes.

Safe foods at a great price - 30% off the retail price! This Starter Kit is offered to you for only $49.99 and $5 of your purchase will be donated to TACA to support their mission.

Based on ingredients used in this product and information provided by the vendor, this product meets the following criteria. Please see Manufacturing Facility Information and Special Comments to better determine potential for cross contamination.
  • casein free
  • fish free
  • gluten free
  • milk free
  • peanut free
  • sesame free
  • shellfish free
  • soy free
  • wheat free
  • yeast free

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