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Mexican Harvest Organic Flax Crackers

Foods Alive

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Organic golden flaxseed, organic tomato powder, organic minced onion, organic cumin powder, Himalayan crystal salt, organic granulated garlic, organic chili powder, organic cayenne pepper, organic parsley, organic ginger, organic coriander, organic cilantro.


  • Kosher crc
  • Organic usda
  • Vegan certified vegan
Garlic, onion, and tomato mixed with just the right blend of Mexican spices. A slightly spicy and extremely flavorful south of the border taste! These crackers are great by themselves, on taco salad, or with your favorite dips and spreads like guacamole, hummus, or gazpacho! High in fiber, protein, omega-3, and many other vitamins and minerals. This is the perfect snack to enjoy at your next party or outing. Snack right from the bag, use them like bread for egg salad, crush them up and sprinkle them on your salad or baked goods. There is no limit to where you can enjoy these savory crackers.
Based on ingredients used in this product and information provided by the vendor, this product meets the following criteria. Please see Manufacturing Facility Information and Special Comments to better determine potential for cross contamination.
  • casein free
  • corn free
  • egg free
  • fish free
  • gluten free
  • milk free
  • peanut free
  • potato free
  • rice free
  • sesame free
  • shellfish free
  • soy free
  • sulfite free
  • wheat free
  • yeast free
  • tree nut free

Manufacturing Facility Information

Manufactured in an allergen-free facility: free of egg, fish, milk, shellfish and wheat. Facility also manufactures products that contain peanut, soy and tree nut.

All equipment is carefully cleaned after the production of another product that contains soy to eliminate possible cross contamination. This product is considered appropriate for a Raw Diet. The company starts by soaking high quality organic golden flaxseeds in filtered water. This starts the germination process for the seeds as well as helps breaks down the hard outer shell so the flaxseeds can be easily chewed. The crackers are then dehydrated at a very low temperature to preserve the vital living enzymes and nutrition.

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